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Burke's Peerage & Gentry is the definitive historical guide to the UK and Ireland's title and landed families.

The books Burke's Peerage & Baronetage and Burke's Landed Gentry have, for 175 years, recorded the genealogies of the UK and Ireland's titled and landed families. Often referred to as "the aristocracy bible," it is without comparison as a genealogical reference to the county's influential figures and families. Burke's Peerage & Gentry was formed in 2000 to continue publishing these books and an online database.

Burke's Peerage & Gentry accesses over 7,000 genealogical records containing one million plus names from various Burke's publications. The result is a searchable database listing the individuals and families who shaped the history and evolution of the country going back many centuries.

The online collection is made up from the following:
Burke's Peerage & Baronetage 107th Edition including knights, Scottish Chiefs and Scottish Feudal Barons
Burke's Landed Gentry Scotland 19th Edition
Burke's Landed Gentry England & Wales 18th Edition
Burke's Landed Gentry Ireland 19th Edition
American Families with British Ancestry 19th Edition
American Presidential Families
The Atavus Library of 100+ articles

Each record contains the individuals who make up the generations of that family over the centuries. Most records go back well over 300 years, and some as far as the 9th Century. The records consist of the current holder of that title, their biography and descendants, then the full ancestry from the first known holder of the title up to the current day (where updated). The generations are indented and color-coded for ease of use. Visitors can see an example by clicking "See a Sample Record" on the left navigation bar on the web site.


Each record has been digitized and marked up for experienced and first time users to quickly search and find information. Searching can be undertaken with a fast general search, or in a more targeted way with a combination of the following criteria: family name, current incumbent, record type, year born, year married, year died, lineage, education, club, estate, married, arms, biography, full text. The search term is then highlighted in the full record to allow users to quickly find occurrences of that search term within the record, as it is highlighted and linked to from buttons on the top navigation bar.


If you get a chance, check out their free sample report. The information is there, and it's thorough, but the format is a little like trying to decipher a run-on sentence that extends down the full page of the book.


A typical record includes the Family Name, the current incumbent, his/her biography and family, the full lineage of the family starting with the earliest known head of the family and working towards the current date, a description of the Coat of Arms (plus the image) when available, and other information such as clubs, residencies, seat, Tartan, and date created when available. Many of the family records run several pages and provide a history of Britain in miniature. Curious or interested? You can subscribe for 24 hours for only £15.95.


Online Access
24 Hours: £15.95
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1 Year: £64.95
Burke's Peerage, Baronetage & Knightage: £115.00
London's Waterfront: £19.99

Score - Burkes Peerage & Gentry scores a 5/10


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