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As the introduction makes plain, Family Tree Maker is the number one selling family tree software program. You can buy various packages of the same basic program, some of which include data CDs, subscriptions to and other online data sources. It is incredibly sophisticated, yet by all accounts exceptionally easy to use, and Family Tree Maker is state-of-the-art when it comes to organising your own family history records.


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Family history is a fun, rewarding hobby that connects you with your past - and brings you closer to your present family. Just getting started? Family Tree Maker™ 2008 makes it easy to explore and preserve your family heritage. Already an expert? You'll appreciate the program's robust features, including flexible data-management options and a wide variety of output choices.

When you purchase the Platinum Edition, you'll get a 6-month subscription to - the world's largest collection of family history records, where you can search billions of names. Family Tree Maker™ 2008 integrates seamlessly with, allowing you to quickly merge new facts and records into your family tree.

The Platinum Edition also includes:

* Training Video (DVD). Watch as Megan Smolenyak, Chief Family Historian for, presents tips and guidelines for building your family tree and exploring your roots.
* Getting Started Guide. Follow the directions in this handy guide to begin your first Family Tree Maker project and master the program's basic features.
* The Official Guide to Family Tree Maker™ 2008. For detailed instructions, browse or search this in-depth user manual included on the software installation CD.
* 3 Issues Free of Your Family Tree Magazine. Get 3 issues free ( UK only) of the UK's best selling genealogy magazine and continue on a subscription at 29% off the UK shop price.


Score - Family Tree Maker scores 8/10


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