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LostCousins is a terrific website which aims to bring people together who share the same ancestors. It has clearly been put together by a wizard of internet technology previoulsy known for some very famous Cricket game development.

LostCousins Homepage

Find your relations on this innovative website

This site compares the information which visitors enter about their ancestors and compares it with information entered by other members. The patent-pending matching process generates matches with an almost 100% accuracy.

The matching process is based on 1881 censuses of England, Wales and Scotland. Further additions are promised.

Visitors can register on the site for free. The Beginner's Guide runs through the basics of family history research, and Getting Started explains how to get the most out of the site by entering details of relatives from the 1881 Census.

The next stage is to click on 'Search' and then check the 'My Cousins' page. The results then appear.

LostCousins explain that they do not put people in touch with each other without the consent of both parties. They also explain the more names you enter, the better your chances.

The Buddy Scheme offers help from experienced family historians.

The 1881 Census was not an exact science so helpfully LostCousins have provided an Index of Incorrect Surnames compiled by members who have already searched for names. There is also an Index of Maiden Names from the same census.

LostCousins is enjoying great interest, much deserved.


Score - LostCousins scores a 7/10


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